Welcome / Ahlan wa Sahlan

Title: Welcome / Ahlan wa Sahlan
Genre: Narrative short (film)
Director: Nicole R. Slaunwhite
Producer: Tim Hanley
Release date: Anticipated release in 2019

Logline: A fantasy romance about loss, acceptance, and love that spans the gap between two very different worlds.

Synopsis: Shadia is a Syrian refugee, newly arrived to a rundown home on the barren Nova Scotian coast with her aunt and uncle. When she finds a shell carefully placed on her dock one morning, she takes an interest in her new home for the first time. A teacup follows the next day, and a locket after that. She waits for her benefactor and is shocked when a mermaid emerges from the sea. Shock soon gives way to friendship, and friendship to something more, as Shadia and the mermaid share wonders from their very different worlds. Then a kiss leaves Shadia reeling. She never imagined falling in love with a woman, much less a mermaid…

With thanks to the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, Telefilm Canada, the Province of Nova Scotia, and FILM 5 for their generous support.