Victim Impact

Title: Victim Impact
Genre: Documentary short (film)
Director & Producer: Nicole R. Slaunwhite
Release date: Anticipated release in 2019

Logline: Victim Impact examines the myths and realities of the Victim Services Program in Nova Scotia through the eyes of stakeholders and clients.

Synopsis: The Nova Scotia Victim Services Program offers support to victims of crime by providing information about the justice system and victims’ court cases, and by helping victims prepare Victim Impact Statements. It also helps victims apply for restitution and access funds for therapy and counselling. Clients of the Victim Services Program have reported a lack of communication from program officers, inadequate funding for the counselling they were promised, and inadequate information about court proceedings. The Mi’kmaq Legal Support Network has criticized the Victim Services Program for not consulting with or involving the Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association in relation to services provided to Aboriginal women. Through interviews with clients and stakeholders, Victim Impact provides a balanced view of the strengths and shortcomings of Nova Scotia’s Victim Services Program.

Photographs by Nancy Xiang of Xiang Photography. Thank you to the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative for its generous support.